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January, 2020 blog twitter, linkedin

Tell us a little about your current role: where do you work, your title and generally the sort of work do you and your team do.

What does a “normal” Staff-plus engineer do at your company? Does your role look that way or does it differ?

How do you spend your time day-to-day?

Where do you feel most impactful as a Staff-plus Engineer? A specific story would be grand.

Can you think of anything you’ve done as a Staff-plus engineer that you weren’t able to or wouldn’t have done before reaching that title?

Do you spend time advocating for technology, practice, process or architectural change? What’s something you’ve advocated for? Can you share a story of influencing your organization?

How do you keep in touch with how things really work as you spend less time on hands-on development?


How have you sponsored other engineers? Is sponsoring other engineers an important aspect of your role?


You first got the title Staff Engineer at your current company. Were you hired as a Staff Engineer? If not, what was the process of getting promoted to Staff?

What two or three factors were most important in you reaching Staff? How have the companies you joined, your location, or your education impacted your path?

There is a popular idea that becoming a Staff Engineer requires completing a “Staff Project.” Did you have a Staff Project, and if so what was it?


Can you remember any piece of advice on reaching Staff that was particularly helpful for you?

What about a piece of advice for someone who has just started as a Staff Engineer?


Did you ever consider engineering management, and if so how did you decide to pursue the staff engineer path?

What are some resources (books, blogs, people, etc) you’ve learned from? Who are your role models in the field?

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